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We are experts at Finding Great Cars at the Lowest Possible Prices

Our Process:

Needs Assessment:

The Initial Call

We need to speak with you and ask questions about the type of vehicle that best suits your needs and budget. After "Signing Up" for our 100% Free Car Buying Service, one of our Automotive Concierges will contact you within the next 24 hours.

This call should only take about 10 minutes.

Vehicle Location and Discovery:

After we have all of the information on the kind of vehicle you want or need, we start our Vehicle Location and Discovery efforts.

Vehicle Location>>> We conduct a search of all Local Dealerships, Auto Auctions and Private Sellers.

Vehicle Discovery>>> This is when we actually go and check the vehicle inside and out in order to discover "any unknown" facts about the vehicle.

Once we have located the vehicle that you agree with and accept, we go to the next step. We arrange for a Demo and Test Drive.

Price Negotiations:

​This is the most important part of any Car Deal. We have all of the right tools to check and recheck the Vehicle Pricing to make sure it is well within Current Market Trends and Pricing Guidelines.

We are hard negotiators and we are never intimidated. We ask for discounts, incentives and rebates to Save our Clients as much as possible.

Financing Options:

We all know that you can't buy a Car or anything else without money. Your Personal Automotive Concierge is highly skilled in the Art of the Deal and will guide you through this process.

Some people have their own financing, some don't and some only want to pay cash for a vehicle. We accept all. Just know that we have many different Financing Options available to fit any budget.

Closing the Deal:

By this time in the process we've already found the right vehicle that fits you, and more importantly, your budget.

Our aim is to get most of the footwork done way in advance. Vehicle Selection, Vehicle Location and Discovery, as well as Vehicle Financing, all done.

This is becoming the obvious choice for today's Car Buyers.


This is the day you either go Pick Up your Vehicle or CARFINDER! has arranged for the Vehicle to be delivered to you. We will have already set up your appointment to meet with a Dealership or Private Seller representative. We will provide a Vehicle Purchase Order issued by CARFINDER!

Just present your CARFINDER! Vehicle Purchase Order to the receptionist and go have a seat. A Dealership Sales Manager, or in the case of a Private Seller, a CARFINDER! representative will assist you shortly.

No more spending all day at the Dealership hoping and praying that you will get the vehicle that you want/need.

This way you are in total control.

This is called:


CARFINDER! can FIND any kind of vehicle for every kind of budget.

Simply "Sign Up" for our 100% FREE CAR BUYING SERVICE.

CARFINDER!~ Promoting Honesty, Integrity and Transparency in every Car Deal.

Auto Financing Available!

Personal or Commercial Vehicles!



Once you "Sign Up" for our 100% FREE CAR BUYING SERVICE one of our professional and highly trained Personal Automotive Concierges will reach out to you by phone. 

We have instructed our  Personal Automotive Concierges to always send each of our new clients a Text Message first, (if possible), introducing themself and asking when is a good time to call. Please reply to the Text Message as soon as possible.

The approximate length of the initial call is around 5 to 10 minutes.

Once your submission has been received you will be contacted within the next 24 hours. 

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