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About Us

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency

Hi, I'm William S. I created The CARFINDERS CLUB back in March of 2017.

I am just an average joe who saw something that he didn't like and decided to try my best to do something about it.

I worked as a New and Used Car Salesman for many years and I finally got fed up with the way the managers and other sales staff treated the customers.  

Trust me, over the years I have heard how the other Salesmen bragged about how they got over on a customer.

I did not like it. 

The Proverbial Straw that broke the camel's back was when I sold a sweet little old lady a car.

One day, this 80 something year old lady comes to the dealership. I was her initial contact so naturally she was my customer.  

She was so sweet and reminded me of my own grandmother who had lived to be 108 years old. 

After sitting and talking with her for a little while I went and got the car that I thought she was trying to tell me that she wanted.  

She told me that this was going to be her last car and she wanted something nice for church...  I told you.. she was so sweet. 

Anyway, she decided to buy the car. She told me that the car was the perfect size and the price was right.

She went on to tell me that she was happy that I was her salesman. (had me blushing)

All was well until after I sold her the car. 

This is when I got upset... 

The little old lady left the Dealership happy and satisfied, but the next day her 40 something year old daughter called me,

Her question was simple. She asked me: Mr. William, if Momma bought that car for 19K and she put down 15K, why or how can she still owe more than 10K ?

I was speechless. I asked her to get the documents and read off to me the Finance Contract line by line.

Then it hit me, The Finance Manager had really taken advantage of that sweet little old lady. How? 

On the Vehicle Purchase Contract there are a series of little boxes..  and they are not there just for decoration.

Each one of those little boxes cost money. Dealerships use those little boxes to get more than the cost of the car. Many of which are for items or services that are not really needed.

It was evident to me that the Finance Manager purposely checked every box... and didn't mention or explain the totals for all that additional stuff and just said, with a crooked smile... Sign here, and here... oh and here also.

I felt ashamed and angry. I marched straight into the Finance Manager's office and gave him a big old southern piece of my mind. 

The next morning the General Manager called me into his office...  and said to me...William, you can't cuss out a manager. I told him that it was not right what the Finance Manager did to that sweet little old lady. He looked at me and said... Well, that's just the business.  

So ended my career working for any dealership.  I refused to be a part of that mess.

As I said in the beginning...  I saw something that I did not like and I am trying my best to do something about it. I am sure that I can not help everyone get a great deal on a great car but I am going to give it a shot.

The CARFINDERS CLUB is built on those 3 Principles written above. 

Honesty, Integrity and Transparency. No one should have to be subjected to Tom Foolery when they just want to buy a great car at a great price. 

If you are currently in the Market for a New or Used Car...  you've come to the right place. 

The CARFINDERS CLUB is where you can get honest help in the Car Buying Process. Even if you are not interested in our Car Buying Services we have also enlisted the help of other Top Rated Services to assist you in Finding, Financing and Buying your 1st or Next New or Used Car. 

Thanks for visiting us. 

William S. 


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